In Retail24 the customer is always in focus, and our commitment to provide the best customer service is a first priority.

Customer focus, combined with teamwork, and a strong will to be the best, is the recipe for progress. Our employees work in various services such as sales, sampling, in-store demos, administration and more. We have offices in the Nordics, and we can guarantee many great colleagues.

We are always looking for skilled people. Take a look at our vacancies and if you do not find a fit, feel free to send us an open application at:


There are currently no vacancies available.

Other services

Getting access to the right people with extensive competence and trade knowledge for a limited period of time can be challenging.
We offer a wide range of POSM-solutions. We always look for new trends and opportunities.
RetailBlue delivers tracking of all activities and we document what happens in stores. We provide fact-based insights to our customers by tracking.
Engagement is driven by interaction, and for us this mean helping you as a customer with activities to make your brands and products known to the consumers.
Merchandising is the activities done in a store to get the customers attention. Visibility and presence of products is the most decisive factor for increased sale.
In order to increase in-store sales , it`s required to have the best sales force, sales support systems and flexibility to adapt an industry with major changes.

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