Originating from Germany, HARIBO is available in over 100 countries! By offering a tasteful, colorful and playful candy, HARIBO has something for everyone.

HARIBO’s success has not only been limited to the German market and with high quality as our top priority, consumers all around the world can buy fresh and safe HARIBO products.

HARIBO was in search for a sales partner to strengthening their position in the the Norwegian market. In May 2017 HARIBO chose Retail24 to be their strategic sales partner, and we are so proud to be their collaborator.

In three years we have worked hard together for strengthening HARIBO’s position and we have contributed to significant growth!

“We at HARIBO are very satisfied to work with Retail24 and their employees who are full of dedication, passion and enthusiasm. They represent the HARIBO brand in the best possible way!”

NINA KNUDSEN, Business Unit Manager Norway, HARIBO

HARIBO’s success has not been limited to the German market: as a global market leader in fruit gummies and liquorice, HARIBO is now available in more than 100 countries around the world. HARIBO produces at 16 locations in ten countries and employs more than 7,000 people, who ensure that consumers always have a sufficient supply of their favourite products – in the usual exceptional quality.

And the product range is anything but static, with its own new sweets added continuously and new quality brands purchased in Germany and abroad. The sales and production networks are being expanded and closely coordinated to ensure the products are promptly available at all times.

Another recipe for success is the development of special sweets whose flavours are specially tailored to local preferences in different countries.

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Kjetil Berentsen

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