Merchandising is all activities done in a store to promote and sell products to get the customers attention in the store. Effective merchandising will increase sales and consumers will get more satisfied and loyal.

Our goal for you as a customer will be, through our merchandising, to help creating attractive and efficient stores, and thus increase your profitability. Through tailor-made systems and a focus on combining digital solutions with the operational, we have brought the physical and digital world around merchandising together. Through data and analysis, we can optimize all processes around merchandising.

Effective merchandising will increase sales and consumers will get more satisfied and loyal.

Merchandising is much more than placing goods. It includes a variety of services such as promotion, merchandising, store building, news implementation, etc. These services are time-consuming work and takes up valuable time.  Time your employees can spend on customers. Let us take care of this for you!


/ Merchandising services

Sales promotion

To get loyal customers and increased sales it`s important to know your customers and their needs.

Our goal is that everything we do for you will add a value that is higher than the cost of implementation.



Product Placement

How and where goods are placed in a store is not random. Organizing goods in stores and having the right items in the right place is important for increased sales.

In addition, it is important to have goods in the shelves at all times. It is proven that shelves full of goods sell more than shelves with less items.


Planogram control

Where in the store, in which shelf and where in the shelf an item is placed has a major impact on how well the product will sell. Not having an agreed shelf space can result in lost sales and turnover of your goods.

We have knowledge of building shelves with planograms and take care of deviations to ensure optimal shelf utilization.

Product launches

Fast implementation of new products is crucial to have an opportunity to perform immediately after launch.

We have employees who can implement products in all categories, and ensure a quick roll out of the products in store.

Shop Rebuilding

Rebuilding a shop, whether it is a new shop, reopening or general remodeling is very time and resource consuming.

We have rebuilt stores for several suppliers and chains, and through this we have an unique expertise.

Other Services


Getting access to the right people with extensive competence and trade knowledge for a limited period of time can be challenging.

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We offer a wide range of POSM-solutions. We always look for new trends and opportunities.

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RetailBlue delivers tracking of all activities and we document what happens in stores. We provide fact-based insights to our customers by tracking.

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