The retail industry is in a state of constant transformation and visits from independent distributors is decreasing. With less store visits, it will be harder to get the right insight about the stores and at the same time todays`s customers are taking more control over the purchasing process. To gain that insight to ensure retention of our customers and increase effectiveness, innovation is key.

Retail24 delivers tracking of all activities and we document what happens in the stores. We provide fact-based insights to our customers by tracking the required number of stores – not just a small selection. Retail24 operates in all sales channels.

Why choose Retail24 as your partner:

  • We make observations at the merchant level on your request
  • We are a neutral 3rd party with no self-interest in what the results show
  • We do the work for you, so you don’t have to use your own resources
  • We cover all Nordic countries and most industries
  • We deliver photos on request from each measurement / store
  • We present the report with a focus on key findings and provide advice based on these findings
  • We provide a snapshot of customer perception-  We see it as it is!

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John Aas

Daglig leder, RetailBlue
+47 91591498

John Aas

Other services

Getting access to the right people with extensive competence and trade knowledge for a limited period of time can be challenging.
We offer a wide range of POSM-solutions. We always look for new trends and opportunities.
Engagement is driven by interaction, and for us this mean helping you as a customer with activities to make your brands and products known to the consumers.

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